فيزا ايران


 Steps to getting Iran Visa  (single or double  entries):

1. Fill out the on-line Application Form

 Be sure that the details have been entered correctly, since they must match your passport info and the documents which you may need to submit later to the consulate for collecting your  Visa to Iran. The ministry will also need a day to day itinerary for your stay. If you do not have such a program, we will recommend you an itinerary at no extra cost.

2. Confirmation via email

After sending your application for an Iranian visa, the information will be checked and a message sent to your email address within 48 hours. if you do not receive our confirmation email after 48 hours, please contact us.

3. Payment fee ( 60,00 € )

You will receive a service bill  before we will start your Iran Visa process and Payment must be made and confirmed before Visa Reference Number is sent to you. This is a non refundable fee, because we have to do all the necessary work and most of the time we get the visa, but on rare occasions when the visa is refused, we cannot refund you because the time and expense on our part has already been expended.

4. Issuing your Visa Reference Number

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will consider the application and issue a Visa Reference Number and an authorization letter which will be transmitted to the Iranian Consulate where you have indicated in the form. (This process usually takes 10 working days.) We will send you the reference number with which you will be able to collect your Iranian Visa. This code is only valid at the mentioned consulate and just for 3 months from the date of issue.

5. Iranian Visa issued by your selected Iranian consulate

The next step is to contact the Iranian embassy and make sure you understand their requirements and procedures for issuance of your visa. Please contact the embassy to get the latest updates. You can either go directly to the Iranian consulate with your Visa Reference Number or you may also be able to send the documents and receive the Iranian Visa by mail. The procedure of submitting the documents and collecting the visa can be normally done in the same day. We will be in close communication with you during this time to make sure the visa issuance process goes smoothly. If there are any problems, you need to inform us right away so that we can be involved and make sure that everything would be taken care of. This is very important for us because it gives feedback and information for further improvements to our services.



Upon completion of your application, you will get your visa confirmation code, which is required to obtain a visa stamp in Iranian Embassies or General Consulates around the world. More than 100 nationalities are eligible to obtain their visa upon their arrival to Imam Khomaini Airport (IKA) in Tehran, Iran.

You will be notified of your acceptance of your Iranian visa application online. More than 98% of the applications are accepted – rejection rate is less than 2%.


Iran Press Visa

To apply for a press visa independently you need to contact the Iranian Embassy nearest to where you live and ask for/download a visa application form. Next, you will need to obtain a Letter of Invitation from your business sponsor in Iran.

Once you have your Letter of Invitation you need to send this to your nearest Embassy along with:

A photocopy of the ID page of your passport

Two current passport size photographs. (Females should always wear a headscarf in their visa application photographs.)

A letter of invitation from the business inviting you.

The appropriate fee.

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